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NPA9: Recap and Thoughts

Posted June 4th 2020 by

With NPA9 coming to an end, players and spectators alike may find themselves wondering: what were the greatest storylines of the season? What are the must-watch sets? And how inaccurate were those power rankings, anyway? Read on to find out! Team-by-team Recap Snowbelle Blizzards Actual ranking: Champions [3] Predicted ranking: 5 Despite their humble beginnings […]

Hey everyone! I’m Leonardo Bonanomi, a VGC player from Italy, and I’m here to present you with a report on the team that I used to reach Top 8 at the Malmö Regional. To give a quick rundown on myself: I’ve always played Pokémon, but I only became interested in VGC after watching the 2016 […]

Written by Nicholas Borghi (@NicholasBorghi) Art by Logan Castro (@TallboyLogan) Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote a report. Dang, it’s been a while since I last did well at an event, haha. My last big performance was 2017 Memphis Regionals, where I finished in yet another Top 8 placing, having lost to […]

My name is Tobias Koschitzki, also known as TobySxE in the Pokémon community. I’ve been playing competitively since 2015 and had a lot of success while actively playing, which was up until 2017. During that period of time, a lot of people would occasionally ask if I could maybe write a report of teams I […]

VGC20: A Look at Series 3 Additions

Posted March 25th 2020 by

Due to the release of Pokémon HOME, series 3 is inarguably the most impactful change to the VGC20 ruleset we’ve seen yet. How have these new additions shaped the metagame? Read on to find out! Reintroduced Pokémon Incineroar Somewhat infamous for its high usage and splashability in VGC19, Incineroar is back—much to the chagrin of […]