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NPA9: Recap and Thoughts

Posted June 4th 2020 by

With NPA9 coming to an end, players and spectators alike may find themselves wondering: what were the greatest storylines of the season? What are the must-watch sets? And how inaccurate were those power rankings, anyway? Read on to find out! Team-by-team Recap Snowbelle Blizzards Actual ranking: Champions [3] Predicted ranking: 5 Despite their humble beginnings […]

NPA 9: Draft Analysis and Power Rankings

Posted February 15th 2020 by

With the draft of a brand new season of the National Pokémon Association behind us, power rankings and tier lists are abound! NPA power rankings may frequently be proven wrong, but they’re nevertheless an entertaining activity for players to participate in. In this power ranking, I’ve aimed to judge teams as impartially as possible, while […]

Announcing the Rose Tower Circuit!

Posted December 12th 2019 by

We are proud to announce the Rose Tower Circuit, an all new online community circuit for competitive VGC open to all players across the world! Together with Mt. Silver, a grassroots organisation which ran one of the largest online circuits during the 2019 season, we at Trainer Tower have a lot in store for you! […]