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Trainer Talk: First Impressions of the Ultra Series

With Berlin being mere weeks away, many VGC players find themselves wondering what they should expect from the first International Championship of the Ultra format. What sort of meta will we see? How will the re-introduction of Megas shake things up? How different will it be from the previous restricted format, VGC16? To get a rough idea of where things ...

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State of the Metagame – February

The month of February saw a continued exploration of the Moon format as results at the Oceania International Championship, Collinsville Regional, and Cannes Special Event all served to push the metagame forward. Let’s take a look at some of the standout teams and strategies! Oceania The VGC19 season’s Oceania International Championship, held in Melbourne from Feb 15 – 17, was ...

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A Comprehensive Introduction to VGC

Part 1: Tell Me More! 1.1 What is VGC? If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already got some sort of idea of what VGC is about, but it never hurts to go over things! VGC, which stands for Video Game Championships, is the name of The Pokémon Company International’s officially endorsed competitive format. Some of you may already be ...

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