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Hey everyone! I’m Leonardo Bonanomi, a VGC player from Italy, and I’m here to present you with a report on the team that I used to reach Top 8 at the Malmö Regional. To give a quick rundown on myself: I’ve always played Pokémon, but I only became interested in VGC after watching the 2016 […]

Written by Nicholas Borghi (@NicholasBorghi) Art by Logan Castro (@TallboyLogan) Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote a report. Dang, it’s been a while since I last did well at an event, haha. My last big performance was 2017 Memphis Regionals, where I finished in yet another Top 8 placing, having lost to […]

My name is Tobias Koschitzki, also known as TobySxE in the Pokémon community. I’ve been playing competitively since 2015 and had a lot of success while actively playing, which was up until 2017. During that period of time, a lot of people would occasionally ask if I could maybe write a report of teams I […]

Hello, everyone! I’m Alexandre L., but some of you may know me as @RadiumH3. I’m a rather discreet player and I’ve been traveling to VGC events since the end of 2016. After an incredible early season in 2019, where I managed to get 2nd place at 2 Regionals in a row, I’ve found myself flopping […]

Hi, I’m Gary (ZygardeAwaken), a Seattle-based Pokémon player. Today, I’m going to present the team I used to get 12th place in Collinsville, featuring the Duck Knight (pun intended) Sirfetch’d and my baby, Trapinch. Achievements 1908 on Showdown Ladder Peaked at 17th Place on Battle Spot 12th Place Collinsville Regional Teambuilding Process Excuse me for […]