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Hey everyone! I’m Leonardo Bonanomi, a VGC player from Italy, and I’m here to present you with a report on the team that I used to reach Top 8 at the Malmö Regional. To give a quick rundown on myself: I’ve always played Pokémon, but I only became interested in VGC after watching the 2016 […]

The launch of Pokémon Sword & Shield has caused the hype for Pokémon to reach its peak once more. With the announcement of the VGC2020 ruleset, there’s plenty of enthusiastic Trainers who can’t wait to jump into the Stadiums. Having noticed the excitement from local Trainers since the introduction of Battle Stadium Doubles, PKMN-id is […]

Hello! My name is Wesley, but I’m more commonly known as Harry_Styles2 on Showdown. I started playing competitive Pokémon sometime in 2014, which was also when I went to my first tournament. I’ve been playing VGC ever since and have been getting more and more interested in it each passing year. I’d say that this […]

This is a list of sample teams that new players can use to help them get straight into playing the VGC19 Ultra Series format. We believe these teams are a great starting point for any player getting into VGC, or needing ideas for a team! We encourage you to use these teams as a guide […]

VGC20 Play! Pokémon Season

Posted August 24th 2019 by

Overview The Pokémon Video Game Championship Series events will begin the season using the 2019 Ultra Series Format with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games on the Nintendo 3ds. Events will transition to Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch beginning January 4 2020. VGC20 – Ruleset Overview (From January 4 2020) Events will […]