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Everyone has to start somewhere! Many new or returning players may struggle to find VGC-specific resources. From the basics of strategy to team construction or format information, knowing where to read and who’s knowledge to trust can be a hard task. In an information-based game such as ours, the right resources are critical to both learning to play, elevating your game or staying up to date with changes between formats. In response to these challenges, we at Trainer Tower have compiled a convenient resource index for every player, containing all of the most foundational and essential information in one place!

General Resources

Starting out in VGC
These articles are helpful in understanding the essentials and getting involved in the game.
Format Specific Information
These are general resources that are good to bookmark and can be referred to throughout the season.


General Content

If you’re struggling to get a team and/or Pokémon ready in-game, these articles should help.


Improving Battle Skills
These articles and videos are designed to help shed some light on some important topics that are crucial to know in VGC.
These articles and videos focus on what you can do to improve your game, both in and out of battle, and some habits that are helpful to form.
EV Spreads
Check out these guides to learn about EV Spreads, how to make them better, and how to make them fit well into your teams.

Useful Links and Tools

  • Pokemon Showdown – Online battling simulator. Useful for both building teams and battling other players within minutes.
  • Results Database – Online results database by Trainer Tower collecting and displaying all VGC event results.
  • VGC Damage Calculator – Tool to calculate the damage of the different attacks that your Pokémon make or receive.
  • VGC Survival Calc – Allows you to find EVs of a Pokémon to resist certain attacks.
  • Team Sheet Generator – Teamsheet generator from Pokémon Showdown by Jake White.
  • VGCStats – Website dedicated to collecting usage from all Midseason Showdowns, Regionals, and International Championships.
  • Pikalytics – Competitive VGC Rankings with Spreads/Moves.
  • Pokemon Forever Teambuilder – Shows how your team’s typing works versus all 18 types in the game
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