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Trainer Tower – Your journey to the top!

Trainer Tower is a community driven initiative which aims to produce high quality content for the competitive community to learn, grow and share. We promote the VGC circuit in the form of results, usage statistics, player reports, in-depth resources and analysis.

Trainer Towers main goal is to share our knowledge and enjoyment of the game, with the assistance of our successful and accomplished authors to help grow VGC. This site would not be possible without the enthusiasm and support of the community.

Trainer Tower Staff

Updated August 2019

Managing Director Stacey Muscat (AverageJoeVGC)
Content Manager Lyam Geurts (AbsurdityVGC)
Managing Editor Nicole Saeed (TamtamVGC)
Data Retrieval Manager Nick Borghi (_LightCore)
Community Manager Ben Omnes-Norton (NightLight)
Social Media Manager Martina Gambacorta (MartiVGCQueen)
Branding Artists Jacinta Gonzalez (KookyKreature)
Filipe Fernandes (previous)
Developers Jake White (squirrelboyVGC)
Leonard Craft III (DaWoblefet)
Editors Brigitta Slinn
IT Technician Tim Crockford (MeloettaMinstrels)
Metagame Analysts Eduardo Cunha (EmbC)
Leonard Craft III (DaWoblefet)
Nicole Saeed (TamtamVGC)
Stephen Mea (GramgusVGC)
Translator Martina Gambacorta (MartiVGCQueen) – Italian