TT Content – Report Proposal

Hello, and welcome to Trainer Tower’s report proposal. While the process to submit a report proposal is simple, it is important we determine what category your article will fall under. We are putting a focus on Team Analysis write-ups as they are generally smaller and focus on how a team works. We still wish to cover full Team Reports which would go in-depth about the tournament the team was used in etc.

The minimum requirements to propose a Team Report are as follows:

  • Regional Championships: Top Cut
  • International Championships: Top 16
  • World Championships: Day Two

If your team has not produced a finish mentioned above, but is still unique and has impact on the meta, we would love to feature your team in our Team Analysis articles. As mentioned above, they are smaller and focus on how your team works!

The minimum requirements to propose a Team Analysis are as follows:

  • Success with current team
  • Team that has not previously been covered

Once you submit the form above, our editorial team will consider your write-up based on factors such as the quality or uniqueness of the team, your past writing skill, and whether or not we have already covered a team similar enough to yours. If your proposal is accepted, we will be in contact to send you a link to our writing guide. Since we have our own form and guide for accepting reports and team analysis, we will not be accepting pre-written reports. Please wait to begin writing until you have seen what we are looking for.

Thank you for wanting to contribute to Trainer Tower.