Snooze’s Money Matches

Hello, everyone! My name is Preston Clark, a.k.a Snooze. For those of you that don’t know me, I started playing VGC tournaments in 2017, when I won the Utah regional. I’ve competed in several other tournaments since then, but unfortunately, I don’t travel a lot. Because of this, I started a YouTube channel to help with Pokémon content creation. I didn’t want to do just regular battle videos, so I thought of a way to involve the competitive spirit and those online players like me through money matches!

The matches can be in a wide variety of formats, although most choose the current VGC format. You can wager literally anything from $1 to $100—it’s not about how much you wager, but putting something on the line so you really don’t want to lose the battle. I also wanted to do this money match series to try and highlight those amazing online players that don’t have the opportunity to travel to Regionals, giving them some spotlight.

Money matches are split into two parts: “Player Preview”, where I highlight the players with some general information and any achievements to build hype for the match, and then “Fight Night”, where I (and sometimes a friend) commentate the matches, giving them that official battle feel.

But how do you get in on these matches? That’s easy! If you want to get involved, I post on my Twitter when a challenge has been issued for anyone to accept. You can also come to me for a challenge; I’ve done several matches already against other players and friends. If you don’t have a Twitter, you can comment on the other money match videos on YouTube, and I would be more than happy to get some good games set up and showcase your battles.

Like I said before, these matches are not so much about making money, but are intended to showcase players in high-stake battles for the community to enjoy. When there is a break between tournaments and content is a little slow, this can give especially valuable practice for tournaments, since if you lose these battles it means a little more, giving you that sense of stress similar to IRL play. Beyond that, it helps provide new and exciting content to the sphere of VGC, which I believe is very welcome. If you have any questions about money matches, feel free to contact me and I’ll assist you however I can.

I hope this article encourages you to join in, and maybe I’ll see you on the battlefield!