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Hello, everyone! I’m Alexandre L., but some of you may know me as @RadiumH3. I’m a rather discreet player and I’ve been traveling to VGC events since the end of 2016. After an incredible early season in 2019, where I managed to get 2nd place at 2 Regionals in a row, I’ve found myself flopping […]

VGC Team Replays

Posted March 18th 2020 by

Hello, I am Jose Mena (@jocan3mena) from Costa Rica, and I’ve been a software developer as well as a Pokémon VGC fan (though not really a player) since many years ago. One of my hobbies is playing with data and web tools, which ended up becoming a project called VGC Teams Replays. This tool will […]

Hi, I’m Gary (ZygardeAwaken), a Seattle-based Pokémon player. Today, I’m going to present the team I used to get 12th place in Collinsville, featuring the Duck Knight (pun intended) Sirfetch’d and my baby, Trapinch. Achievements 1908 on Showdown Ladder Peaked at 17th Place on Battle Spot 12th Place Collinsville Regional Teambuilding Process Excuse me for […]

Yoooo! My name is Dan, aka aDrive, and I’m a full-time Pokémon content creator on both Twitch and YouTube! I’m most known for my Shiny Hunting and Draft League Single battle content, but with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, I’ve jumped headfirst into the world of VGC with my sights set on a […]

Hello everyone, I’m Yihui Xu. I’m of Chinese descent, currently living in Canada, and started to play in VGC events during May 2018. I’m known as Yihui Xurkitree by the Western community and 朱墨霖 in the Chinese community. Before Collinsville, I’d cut two Regionals, Hong Kong ’19 and San Diego ’20, as well as had […]