Introducing the Rose Tower Open #1!

Introducing the VGC Open #1 of the 2020 season! We at Trainer Tower will be working with Mt. Silver to host the first major event of the Rose Tower Circuit, a community effort which arranges grassroots VGC events for players around the globe. With a prize pool up for grabs and buckets of RP on the line, this is your chance to break out and make a name for yourself!

The VGC Open will be held this Saturday, on the 25th of January, at 14:00 UTC. Unlike our other events, this one will have a small $5 USD entry fee, which goes directly into the prize pool. Check-in will begin an hour prior to the event’s start.

Time & Date

  • 14:00 GMT January 25 2020 (London)
  • 09:00 EST January 25 2020 (New York)
  • 06:00 PST January 25 2020 (San Francisco)
  • 21:00 WIB January 25 2020 (Jakarta)
  • 01:00 AEDT January 26 2020 (Sydney)

Top Cut will be held at the same time the next day.

Prize Payout

  • 1st – 50% of Prize Pool
  • 2nd – 30% of Prize Pool
  • Top 4 – 5% of Prize Pool
  • Top 8 – 2.5% of Prize Pool

Only players with a record of x-3 or higher can be rewarded with RP.

  • 1st – Invite to Championship Play-Offs
  • 2nd – Invite to Championship Play-Offs
  • Top 4 – 300 RP
  • Top 8 – 200 RP
  • Top 16 – 160 RP
  • Top 32 – 120 RP
  • Top 64 – 100 RP


To join the tournament, head over to Battlefy and register or log in to your account. Once logged in, head over to the Tournament Page and click “Join“. You’ll be lead through registration and will proceed to a checkout for the entry fee. You can pay by PayPal or by card. Once you’ve signed up on Battlefy, you’ll have to finalise your registration by filling in our Registration Form. Make sure to be around for check-in on Saturday an hour prior to the event’s start on the Discord Server!

Important Information

  • Swiss Rounds with x-2 Top Cut (x-1 if under 21 Players).
  • VGC 2020 Ruleset
  • Battles will use the Ranked Battles Season 2 Doubles rules.
  • 55 Minute Timer Per Round.
  • Best of 3 Sets.
  • All games will be played on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Players may submit their own scores.
  • Screenshots of results must be saved until the next round starts.
  • Screencaps must be immediately saved upon in-game disconnection.
  • Failure to save evidence inhibits our ability to verify accounts in case of a dispute.

We look forward to seeing you all this Saturday! Good luck!