Big Mama! – Top 8 Roanoke Regional Team Report

Hey there everyone! My name is Andrew Davis, and you may recognize me from the Tri-State Area VGC scene or from my YouTube Channel where I do VGC Battles. I have been playing VGC since the 2015 season, and I competed at Worlds in 2016. Since 2016, I have taken a more casual approach to VGC, going to events mostly ...

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It’s a Trap! – Stuttgart Regional Champion Report

My name is Giuseppe Musicco and I’m a player from Italy, known online as Peppe (@peppemusicco). You may have seen me as a ladder player on Pokémon Showdown in VGC 17, with the name “Il Koho del Pardo”. Team’s Achievements I used this team to reach a 1800+ rating on Pokémon Showdown and then won the Stuttgart Regional Championship! This ...

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A Mega Mix Up – Top 8 São Paulo Challenge Report

Hello everyone! My name is Meghan Hyman (@PinkySylvie on Twitter and PinkSylvie on here and SD). I am a player from the Midwest, USA, and started playing competitively late 2015. This was my first large (non pc/mss) cut at a tournament. This team started out as an attempt to play something a bit slower, and test Venusaur. Venusaur was something ...

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