Blue Stream – A Spring Scramble 1st Place Team Report

Hello, everyone! I’m Mohamed Nihal, more commonly known as Mr.GX online. I got into Pokémon VGC after watching the inspirational Worlds 2014 finals. Due to a lack of events, I’m forced to rely on online grassroots tournaments and the Showdown ladder to play competitively. As such, I was thrilled to take part in the Trainer Tower Scramble. The team I ...

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Pray the Ray!- A European International Champion Team Report

Hello everyone! My name is Flavio Del Pidio, and I am the Champion of the European Internationals, which took place in Berlin, in April 2019. Through this report, I am going to discuss the team I chose to bring alongside the tournament itself. The International Championships for Pokémon happen four times a year for every competitive season, located in four ...

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ZyGod’s Wrath – Collinsville Top 4 Team Report

Hi, my name is Alex Arand, also known as AlexTheRNGLord. I first started playing VGC after joining my local league, where we had somewhat casual play. Then I discovered Pokemon Showdown and Smogon, and played online casually for a while until 2016, when I began playing competitively. I’ve been playing competitively since post-2016 Worlds, starting out as a Senior. I ...

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