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Ending a Drought – Top 16 Dallas Regional Report

Hi! My name’s Vishy Vasudevan, and I’m a lesser known SoCal VGC player. I got into VGC in early 2017 after watching a video of the 2016 World Championships and entered Anaheim Regionals that same year (in which I went 5-4). I didn’t have Protect on all but one mon, which I eventually learned was a bad thing. My second ...

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Bird Up! – A Top 8 Dallas Regionals and MSS Report

Hello everyone! My name is Meghan Hyman (@PinkySylvie on twitter and PinkSylvie on SD), and I recently ended up Top 8 at Dallas Regionals after ending Swiss as the first seed. Team Building Going into the metagame, I was concerned about a few common team compositions, namely: Kyogre/Lunala, Lunala/Xerneas, Groudon/Xerneas, Groudon/Yveltal and Xerneas/Yveltal. Ideally, I wanted a solid matchup vs ...

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Landorus-T does things in TeXYas

Sup guys, my names Preston, I’m 25 and from New Orleans. I got into VGC in December of 2016 with my 1st event being the NAIC 2017, where I went 5-4. It was a mediocre record yes, but coming from someone who literally had no competitive experience, that was an alright record. Anyways…onto the team! Team’s Achievements Top 8 Dallas ...

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