Announcing the Rose Tower Circuit!

We are proud to announce the Rose Tower Circuit, an all new online community circuit for competitive VGC open to all players across the world! Together with Mt. Silver, a grassroots organisation which ran one of the largest online circuits during the 2019 season, we at Trainer Tower have a lot in store for you!

What is the Rose Tower Circuit?

Put simply, the Rose Tower Circuit is a community effort to set up and run grassroots tournaments which seeks to provide players of any experience level with an environment they may grow and thrive in. We hope to accomplish this goal by hosting easily accessible events ranging from lighthearted to cut-throat. Learning by experience is one of the best ways to grow in competitive Pokémon; the Rose Tower circuit allows players to do this, letting them compete against their peers from within the comforts of their own home, preparing them for the official competition at live premier events and keeping them on top of the meta-game at all times.

Who are we?

All of us on the Rose Tower team are volunteers with a passion for competitive Pokémon and a wish to share our love for the game with as many others as possible. Each of us has our own reasons for getting involved with this project. Aldrich Yan was unable to host premier events in his home country Indonesia as no official tournaments are allowed to be run there, so he sought others to help him pursue online alternatives he knew he couldn’t manage on his own. Competitive Pokémon helped Lyam Geurts (AbsurdityVGC) through a difficult period as a welcome distraction, and he wishes to make the scene as accessible to newer players as he possibly can. Patrick Donegan (Pd0nZ) has been a part of the VGC community for what feels like forever. He no longer wishes to keep up with the grind, but would like to ease a newer generation players into the scene and share his experience through Rose Tower. Abdul Barrie (Bigslim_World) recalls the difficulties of starting out alone in competitive Pokémon. The friends he ended up making are valuable to him, and he would like to prevent others from having to work alone as he did as a new player. Owen Wright (EclipseOwlVGC) simply wants to give something back to community he loves and wants to see grow. We all want to make a change, and this is what ultimately brought us all together!

We’re all eager to see this project succeed, and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or through the Rose Tower Discord server.

How will the circuit work?

Players will qualify for our two-stage Championships by earning Rose Points (RP) at our various tournaments. Larger, more prestigious tournaments will reward players who excel with more Rose Points as well as potential prizes. Rose Tower will host three types of events, but may run alternatives for fun-tours alongside these.

The three official events types in order of weight are the Clash, Challenge, and Open:
  • The Rose Tower Clash is a free bi-weekly tournament to be held on the Nintendo Switch, using the official VGC 2020 format rules. Clashes are intended to be friendly and casual, yielding the least RP of all our official events.
  • The Rose Tower International Challenge is a larger tournament to be held once per stipend season before the corresponding International Championships. Challenges will all have an entry fee used to fund a prize pool rewarding the best players. They will also reward significantly more RP than Clashes.
  • The Rose Tower Open is our largest official event to be held thrice during the season, one for each timezone region. Opens will either be free or have a low entry fee, with a prize pool similar to that of the Challenges. They will also reward more RP than any of our other events, with finalists even earning themselves a direct invite to the Play-Offs of the Rose Tower Championships!

As mentioned before, the Rose Tower Championships will be split into two separate stages, each run as individual tournaments. The first stage will be the Championship Qualifiers, where players compete for a spot in the the second stage: the Championship Play-Offs. The winner of the Play-Offs will ultimately become our Champion!

How can I participate?

All you have to is find the soonest tournament on our Battlefy page and hop into our Discord server! Make sure to read all the rules on the Rose Tower Circuit hub and Battlefy Tournament page prior to registering.

What is our vision?

All of us at Rose Tower would love to see various different things accomplished through the circuit. Here are some thoughts from a handful of our team members:

I hope Rose Tower is in it for the long term. It’s got the potential to become the biggest tournament circuit. When people hear about Rose Tower, I want it to bring to mind something prestigious. Hopefully, someday, someone can proudly put ‘Rose Tower Champion 2022’ on their Twitter bio. Other than that, I just hope to accomplish a smooth run in organizing tournaments. I also expect the tournament to be APAC-friendly, because often, our region isn’t brought into consideration.Aldrich Yan
I hope to have a circuit where many players can develop their skills playing, practicing high-stress situations on cart with prizing on the line (like ones they will face at Premier Events), and even a place where budding commentators can fine-tune their skills. Some people have been able to use the Nugget Bridge Major in the past to commentate some of the streamed games being played on that circuit and have taken it all the way to official commentator status. I hope this circuit can bring out similar development for players and potential commentators.Patrick Donegan
I hope Rose Tower can be the beacon for online competitive Pokémon for the foreseeable future. With a partnership between Mt. Silver and Trainer Tower, the possibilities could be boundless. I also hope to accomplish getting Rose Tower the credibility it needs to not only become “The Standard” for grassroots, but also a productive venture that can yield sponsors to invest in VGC competition.Abdul Barrie
I just hope that the tournament series becomes successful. I’m not one for long term goals, so seeing something that we worked hard on go well is enough for me. I do, however, hope to expand the VGC scene by bringing in all sorts of players and have a great time whilst doing it!Owen Wright

Why should I join?

If you’re still with us and on the fence whether or not you should participate, here is why you should come join us according to our team!

Because Rose Tower is an online tournament! People rarely find these opportunities to properly test their teams before an official premier event has started, so this is a great place to test the waters.Aldrich Yan
If you want to play or commentate high stakes games on the Nintendo Switch that can give you Premier Event practice, the ability to stress test your teams to see if they work, and the opportunity to win money while you’re at it, the Rose Tower Circuit is for you!Patrick Donegan
I think people should get involved with Rose Tower because it is not only a fun place for regular competition, but also a place all trainers can come and participate in to gain exposure and experience in top quality Pokémon online tournaments.Abdul Barrie

We look forward to seeing you around!