VGC 17 Collinsville Regionals

Collinsville  Missouri: March 4th-5th, 2017

1st. Alex Underhill (Lexicon): 

2nd. Justin Burns (Spurrific): Alola Form

3rd. Nick Navarre (Nails): 

4th. Andrew Nowak (AceNowak):

5th. Jon Hu (JHufself): 

6th. Thomas McCready (Tmac):

7th. Jean-Marc Hébert: 

8th. Alberto Lara (Cali Sweeper):

9th. Conan Thompson: 

10th. Jeremy Gross (JZGVgc):

11th. Keegan Meyer (FocusSashedIt): Alola Form

12th. Steven Lasso (Elemt):

13th. Ashton Cox (linkyoshimario): 

14th. Ethan Simpson (PacoTaco): Alola Form

15th. Dane Zieman (AgentOrangeJulius): Alola Form

16th. Carson Confer:


Pokemon Amount Used % of Teams
Arcanine 10 62.50%
Garchomp 10
Tapu Koko 10
Kartana 7 43.75%
Tapu Lele 7
Porygon2 6 37.50%
Celesteela 5 31.25%
Drifblim 4 25.00%
Gyarados 4
Snorlax 4
Araquanid 3 18.75%
Tapu Fini 3
Ninetales Alola Form 2 12.50%
Buzzwole 2
Aerodactyl 2
Mandibuzz 2
Mudsdale 2
Electivire 1 6.25%
Gigalith 1
Magnezone 1
Marowak 1
Metagross 1
Misdreavus 1
Muk Alola Form 1
Nihilego 1
Pikachu 1
Raichu Alola Form 1
Salamence 1
Togedemaru 1
Xurkitree 1
  • Rayquaza8675309

    Electivire… mmkay

    • RavenousXIV

      Anyone got the set for Hu’s Electivire?

      recently just finished training mine for VGC, wouldn’t mind some insight

      • Jon hu powered up electret ire through motor drive/discharge, then swept with eq and wild charge

      • JZGVGC

        I saw Wild Charge and Earthquake with Groundium Z when I played him

  • Basir Miah

    I have to know what Ethan Simpson (PacoTaco) used on his/her Misdreavus. I’m guessing it has the Eviolite with Trick Room. I have to know. Pleeeasssee.

    • Throwaway Comment

      He said on Reddit it’s for dealing with Snorlax as normal and ground has no affect (ability levitate)

      I’m not sure about the rest though

    • I’m gonna write a team report eventually and I’ll go into more detail later, but this is the set:
      Misdreavus @ Eviolite
      EVs: 188 HP / 68 Def / 252 SpD
      Calm Nature
      IVs: 0 Atk / 29 Spe
      – Shadow Ball
      – Trick Room
      – Will-O-Wisp
      – Pain Split

  • Xenoblade Hero

    Nice to see Buzzwole on the rise and getting results. Flex!

  • Pedro

    Nice to see Togedemaru in a team! Does anyone know the moveset Lexicon used? I could really use a Togedemaru team… Thanks so much. Lexicon, if you’re reading this, please make us a report!

    • Madfisher

      Hey, if you want to hear about his team listen to the podcast he does called hyper voice.