VGC 17 Anaheim Regionals

Anaheim, California : February 19th, 2017

1st. Gavin Michaels (KingOfMars):

2nd. James Eakes (Eakes):

3rd. Kamran Jahadi (kamz): Form

4th. Raghav Malaviya (Mudhiman):

5th. Tyler Bennett (AtTehCross):

6th. Riley Factura (GENGARboi):

7th. Giovanni Costa: 

8th. Anthony Jiminez (Dark Assasin): Alola Form

9th. Aaron Zheng (Cybertron): Alola Form

10th. 97CwTMx.png Nelson Ocampo (cranidactyl): Alola FormEast Sea

11th. Shreyas Radhakrishna:

12th. Alicia Martinez:

13th. Image result for thailand flag icon Jirawiwat Thitasiri: Alola Form

14th. Sam Johnson (RastaCharmander):

15th. Alia Lee (Yumeka):

16th. Gary Qian (Hitmonqian):


Usage Stats

Pokémon Amount Used % of Teams
Arcanine 12 75.00%
Tapu Fini 9 56.25%
Garchomp 7 43.75%
Tapu Koko 7
Celesteela 6 37.50%
Porgyon2 6
Tapu Lele 4 25.00%
Kartana 3 18.75%
Mimikyu 3
MukAlola Form 3
Nihilego 3
Araquanid 2 12.50%
Gigalith 2
Krookodile 2
Mudsdale 2
NinetalesAlola Form 2
Pheromosa 2
Snorlax 2
Vikavolt 2
Buzzwole 1 6.25%
Clefairy 1
Dragonite 1
Drifblim 1
Eevee 1
Flygon 1
GastrodonEast Sea 1
Gyarados 1
Hariyama 1
Magnezone 1
Mandibuzz 1
Marowak 1
Metagross 1
Murkrow 1
Salazzle 1
Talonflame 1
Xurkitree 1
  • sry Im new

    Are you guys sure about Aaron not being in top cut? Im pretty sure he was.

    • I’m new too

      He placed 9th, it’s clearly displayed.

  • Major_Gekko

    Gavin did it again; no tapus, no UB and about the same team as NoCal. wow, just wow

    • Migi

      that hard trick room is so obnoxious, if you give it to such a good player it’s just devastating

  • xolade

    anyone scouted the essential moves from gavin’s team?
    I wanna try and see for myself how strong TR team can be on battle spot or if it is a tournament kinda thing

    • Pyritie

      His full team is on his twitter.

    • JustThijs176VGC
    • Carlos Anjos

      dont bother doing it for the next 2 weeks. Every 1 will be running hard counters expecting ppl with the same idea you had 😛

  • Vif-Argent

    Here is Gavin’s team :

  • Mr.GX

    tbh, gavin’s team aint that hard to beat if gavin’s not playing it.

  • Sofi

    Does anyone know the Salazzle’s set?

  • Joe Steet

    Why is Gavin using lunge instead of leech life on Araquanid? Especially since he’s using sub…

    • xolade

      well probably because he doesn’t have an intimidate user. so this kind of fixes that