Useful Moves and Abilities for VGC 17

useful moves and abilities intimidate

A visual list of all the useful moves and abilities for Pokemon in the Alola Pokedex, and hence VGC 17.

Images were taken from Komorin’s blog.
Moves and abilities were taken from Komorin’s blog as well as Bopper’s spreadsheet. 


Fake Out

Trick Room


Follow Me

Rage Powder



Quick Guard

Wide Guard

Icy Wind

Beat Up



After You

Speed Swap

Thunder Wave





Sand Stream 

Snow Warning

Swift Swim 


Sand Rush 

Slush Rush 






Storm Drain

Inner Focus


  • Erik

    Is knock off not as useful this meta or is it too rare to mention?

    • Only a limited amount of Pokemon get Knock Off in this format, including Sableye, Hariyama and Muk.

  • Bigby

    Does this factor in move tutors? For example, Crobat learns Tailwind from ORAS move tutors. How does it learn Tailwind in SuMo?

    • Crobat unfortunately cannot learn Tailwind without the aid of move tutors. We have not included any pokemon that can learn moves by move tutors as there are no move tutors in Sun and Moon!

      • Bigby

        Cool thanks for the confirmation – I was holding out hope you guys knew something I didn’t. Looks like my bro Cro will have to wait a format or two before being relevant again. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Ludwig

    No Taunt ?

  • Derek

    Im pretty sure Gengar can learn Icy Wind, but it is not listed.

    • Jiwa

      Gengar can learn Icy Wind via move tutor, which is not available in Sun/Moon and therefore in VGC 17

  • Domin0e

    In the Move-listings, “Pickpocket” is listed with Raichu, A-Raichu, Emolga and Togedemaru. Pickpocket is an ability first and foremost, and neither of those listed has access to it. Did you, by chance mix this up with something along the lines of Nuzzle or Spark? No similar listing is found on the reference-spreadsheet, either, so I really can’t figure that one out.

    • Jiwa

      Yep, thanks for letting us know. It should say Nuzzle, as you mentioned.

  • TBMcGruff

    Isn’t it fairly moot to include the non-Alolan forms on these lists?

  • Bnellis

    I’m surprised to not see Taunt under useful moves. It’s a key move that helps in a ton of match ups.