South Korean Nationals 2016

Date : 08/05/2016

1st. sGzIyXv.png MeLuCa: kangaskhan-mega

2nd. sGzIyXv.png KrelCROC: kangaskhan-megathundurus

3rd. sGzIyXv.png JJI: kangaskhan-mega

4th. sGzIyXv.png Duggabi: kangaskhan-megathundurus

5th. sGzIyXv.png Sepia: thundurus

6th. sGzIyXv.png Takoyaki:

7th. sGzIyXv.png Ryusin:

8th. sGzIyXv.png Jeshirem: kangaskhan-megaMale

9th. sGzIyXv.png Alpha: kangaskhan-megathundurus

10th. sGzIyXv.png Kaljang: Male

11th. sGzIyXv.png Soy:

12th. sGzIyXv.png Freesia: thundurus

13th. sGzIyXv.png Guze: thundurus

14th. sGzIyXv.png Stielike: kangaskhan-mega

15th. sGzIyXv.png Sejun Park: thundurus

16th. sGzIyXv.png Junghoon: kangaskhan-mega

17th. sGzIyXv.png SuiCa: kangaskhan-mega

18th. sGzIyXv.png SeaBass: kangaskhan-mega

19th. sGzIyXv.png Galchaam: kangaskhan-megathundurus

20th. sGzIyXv.png Chasle: Male

21st. sGzIyXv.png Oisungmo:

22nd. sGzIyXv.png GoongE:

23rd. sGzIyXv.png Popalsinsa: kangaskhan-mega

24th. sGzIyXv.png Nirhog: kangaskhan-mega

25th. sGzIyXv.png Dragon: kangaskhan-mega

26th. sGzIyXv.png Goukamong: kangaskhan-mega

27th. sGzIyXv.png SB: kangaskhan-mega

28th. sGzIyXv.png Junghan Kim:

29th. sGzIyXv.png Nimsookoh: kangaskhan-mega

30th. sGzIyXv.png Ggodalgae: kangaskhan-mega

31st. sGzIyXv.png Geunjeol: kangaskhan-megathundurus

32nd. sGzIyXv.png Sangsangchowol: kangaskhan-mega

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