Dutch Open 2017

Leiden, Netherlands Special Event (Dutch Open) (7/1/17)

1st. Rob Akershoek @ApplePieVGC : Alola Form 

2nd. Andres Escobosa @000AJ : Alola Form

3rd. Daniel Öztekin @Necrocat219 : https://i1.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/73.png

4th. Rafik Sadli @DominoRaf : https://i1.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/584.png

5th. Baris Akcos @BillaVGC : Alola Formhttps://i1.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/584.png

6th. Marlon de Geus: Alola Form

7th. Gillian Ruiz: 

8th. Pauli Moors: Alola Form


Pokemon Times Used Percentage of Teams
Garchomp 4 50.00%
Kartana 3  37.50%
Muk Alola Form 3
Porygon2 3
Tapu Bulu 3
Tapu Koko 3
Araquanid 2 25.00%
Arcanine 2
Celesteela 2
Krookodile 2
Marowak Alola Form 2
Pelipper 2
Tapu Fini 2
Tapu Lele 2
Vanilluxe https://i1.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/584.png 2
Golduck 1 12.50%
Goodra 1
Lilligant 1
Magnezone 1
Metagross 1
Milotic 1
Mudsdale 1
Snorlax 1
Talonflame 1
Tentacruel https://i1.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/73.png 1
Torkoal 1


  • Nick

    Tapu fini +Kartana seems to be gaining popularity, a lot less celesteelas too! Thanks for the continued updates

  • Hojunhu

    Any way we can see some matches? Wanna see Tentacruel in action.

    • Derek

      Its is not streamed. The WiFi connection was too slow to stream it. Tentacool was like spamming Acid Spray.

  • Nich

    Interesting to see Vanilluxe having more success than A-Ninetails.

    • Anon

      Very interesting. Does it get Aurora Veil?

  • Nich

    Ya, it can set up AV too. It trades speed for significantly harder hitting blizzards.

    • ΩDonut

      Vanilluxe actually does not get Aurora Veil.